Just needed to get here. My mind has been clogged up. Everything around me is moving so fast, where am I where is this going? What happened is the past. I need to write, I want to write, I want to write, I just want to write.

Tears wanna flow, but I don’t wanna let them, there’s no reason to let them out, but no reason to hold them in. Release, retract, let go, hold it in. Confused is an understatement.

What I want cannot be, what I want is to be me. Who is that person that wants to be free, who is she, she is me. Traditional desires in an untraditional world, my human instincts my natural desires, they don’t belong in this world we’ve acquired.

This is not a sad flow, this is not a bad flow, it’s simply a flow from my soul, a release, a need for peace, a need to write, I need to write, I want to write, even if it ain’t right, it’s my right, I want to write.

This is a new beginning and I already feel movement. I feel better just was tired of being silent. There’s nothing wrong with me, everything is working out, everything is going to be alright, as long I continue to write. – Flowetry

Crystal Ybarra

Crystal Ybarra

Mother, Wifey and Daughter of the King!


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