When Life Gives You The Cold or Flu Make Hot Tea!

Sniffling, Coughing, Ahh-Choo!

That’s the sound of my house this week, and every single one of us is doing it. That’s right, we’ve got the crud! What started out with a simple sniffle and we thought were allergies has become a house full of colds. No one at home has a fever, thank goodness; but we all feel like poo!

I typically like to resort to natural remedies, such as building our immune systems through food and diet; vitamins, and nature’s medicine. (This year I’ve really taken a liking to Elderberry syrup which I will share more about soon,) but one remedy that is tried and true in my home is my hot gingered, lemoned tea. Check out my recipe below!

This hot yummy drink gives my body vitamin C, antioxidants, and the immune boosters I need when I’m under the weather.

This recipe is for one cup

  • Take one fresh lemon – cut in half
  • Use about 2 – 3 inches of fresh ginger peeled and chopped
  • Local Honey for sweetening and added immune system boosters.
Ginger, Lemon, and Honey

Boil about 2 cups of hot water ( some will evaporate) add ginger and let boil for about 10 minutes min. I like it all gingery. Next pour water and strain if you like into your favorite mug. Today I selected my Love Yo Self Mug given to me by my Grand Nephew Lijah since he knows I’m all about self-care. Next, squeeze a half a lemon into your mug, and add least a teaspoon of local fresh honey to your liking. I like about 2 teaspoons especially when I’m sick! Give me all the honey! Next, find a cozy spot to sip and enjoy! You will love it and your body will too! Ginger is an acquired taste so you might start with less ginger and build your way up. Whenever anyone in my house is sick this is my go-to for warmth and cuddles. It’s also delicious iced on a hot day here in Texas.

So, I hope this recipe finds you well and not sick, but if you or your loved ones are in need of some comfort in a mug, here you go! Enjoy!

Thank you to my #write28days challenge for encouraging me to #make something today! Be Blessed everyone, and be a blessing!

Crystal Ybarra

Crystal Ybarra

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