Joy comes in the morning?

This morning, was a morning like many mornings in our home. I woke the kiddos up, made them a hot drink ( today it was hot raspberry tea for Lina, Green tea for Matt, and Mint tea for the hubs. The kiddos ran out the door, hubby was running later than he wanted to be, his shirt didn’t quite dry because I stuffed the dryer with a lot of stuff, and I was running off about 2 hours of sleep. No particular reason, other than I just couldn’t sleep. I threw on some breakfast in just enough time for my hubby to say, no time, will pack some oatmeal and ran out the door, cold shirt and all. (Insert a giggle, hey, I’ve had to go to work with soggy pants before, so I empathize!)

So I finished the bacon, added some egg, sat down and had myself a little breakfast at the table alone. It was quite good, and so was the juice, then I felt a little bad for not waking up and sending them all off to a better day. It happens. I texted my children, they drive together to school nowadays and I miss the days when I took them and would have at least the car ride to pour some goodness into them before their day started. I miss those days, but not gonna lie, I like sleeping in too. It all balances out. I sent a group chat to my kiddos, ( the two youngest of the 3) and wished them a wonderful day. ( You see, they’ve both been slightly under the weather, Lina was extra cranky, she and school don’t get along, and Matt was just ready to leave. They thanked me for the tea and off they went. )

I always tell them in the mornings to be grateful for at least three things, and when we rode together, I made them recite the things out loud. (You can imagine the fun there, highschoolers and all.) I tell them to be kind, and above all to choose Joy. You know, choose the way you feel about things that happen to you. Choose how you react, choose to feel good, choose to see the good, and choose to be light. Joy!

In my group text to them, I told them I loved them, they always kiss me by and say I love you, but the time flies in the morning and I just need that gushy stuff to flow. I need them to know they are truly loved. I told them that tomorrow is never promised and every time we part we should express our gratitude, and love for one another. I told them to take care of their bodies with good health and nutrition (aka eat lunch and don’t drink energy drinks and put stuff in your body that doesn’t belong; remember they are teenagers.) I also told them to always do what is right and that the good Lord will always take care of them. As I sent that I got a little teary-eyed thinking of my mother, that was her talking through me, she always taught us to do the right thing and be kind to others. To this day, I think it still shows in each of my siblings; but that’s a whole nother story for another day. I sent them this sweet Lil picture I had in my phone courtesy Facebook memories. ( Sorry Isacc, your eyes were closed, which is usually the case for him in pics.) Sweet little precious smiles filled with Joy. So about an hour passed and nothing, no response from either of them.

I finally said Hello! I sent yall an amazing speech there and yall leave me hanging! They both responded with crying laughing emojis, thanking me for being a great mom and apologized for not responding and we all giggled and sent virtual hugs and all that fun stuff. The thing is they both individually texted me and told me what a difference the tea I made them this morning made, and how grateful they were to have me as their mom. Short and simple, and I too am grateful to be their momma too. There’s a whole bunch of reasons to have joy today especially the fact that I got tickets to one of my favorite bands’ concerts this summer, but the thing is, we have to choose it. So, yes, Joy does come in the morning every single day, but we have to choose it. We have to decide to be joyful, have happiness in our hearts and to see the good in whatever it is we are doing or going through. Look at my babies here in this picture, they were so happy then, and they are so happy now. By the way, I also texted Isacc and my hubby, we all expressed love and gratitude, which makes the day even sweeter.

Thank you, Jesus!

Today I Choose Joy- Do you?

#Write28Days Challenge #Joy

Crystal Ybarra

Mother, Wifey and Daughter of the King!


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